Our event locations

Kitchens and more

We only work with specific event kitchens. The fun begins as soon as you step into the wonderful locations! In addition, we are fully equipped to hold events in the location of your choice as well as outdoors. In addition to cooking, we offer also SCRUM grilling!

Impressions Autumn 2021

With Infologis

The short break Corona left us in autumn we celebrated with some special workshops. The most basic things, which we took for granted in our pre-corona lifes became special: cooking, laughing, learning, and eating with our colleagues. Just enjoying the physical presence of each other. When you have missed something you can deeply notice the quality of such moments. 

Impressions 2019

With Ergo

In July we went to the beautiful event kitchen in Iserlohn to practice Scrum and cook delicious dishes. What a nice kitchen and a nice relaxed day with a great team!

Scrumkitchen with the team of Aequitas-M 2019

A fun event with our good partner Aequitas, with whom we organized many great events with BWM. 

Porsche in Weinheim

The Porsche AG development team cooks and scrambles with enthusiasm and joy. That is fun!

Scrumkitchen with the team of OutOfOffice

What a beautiful and energetic evening with the young OutofOffice team in Stuttgart. The employees from three locations cooked for each other in two teams.

and 2018


Have fun with BMW's IT department. A strong team!


The planning department at Daimler attended agile training sessions at the Scrum events with several teams and was able to experience the scrum cooking methodology in the beautiful BP Cooking kitchen in Stuttgart.


Scrumcooking goes Office. 4 qm kitchen is too small? No, not for us! Fun, improvisation and learned a lot on a wonderful day!

Impressions 2017


Cooking with the board of MAN! What an experience and what a joy to be able to work with such open, creative people!

Media Saturn

The first really sunny day of this Bavarian summer and we're in the kitchen! The IT team is already working with Scrum. Therefore, there is only a very short theoretical introduction and an innovation challenge for the agile colleagues. And they master it brilliantly! The creative menu is not just a feast for the eyes, it is really delicious. It is a special pleasure to watch the experienced Scrum colleagues cook together. The colleagues are enthusiastic and although the beer garden beckons as the end of the team event, they stay to clean up!


It is really precisely planned and measured here. Nothing is left to chance. It is not for nothing that the chefs and engineers at Metrona are also convinced by the result. Deliciously cooked, precisely portioned and served, delivered on time. The Scrumkitchen team was very impressed by the professionalism and accuracy and it was a lot of fun!

2016 everything started


The PAYBACK HR department would like to better understand how the IT department works. The team would like to experience how to scrum - what does agile work mean for cooperation. And what better way to do this than a Scrum Cooking Team Event. Here fun and learning are combined in a tasty way.

And one day was enough: you understood how Scrum works. And cooked delicious Senegalese food, laughed, ate and at the same time enjoyed the community. It was a particularly nice day for Scrumkitchen with this lively, friendly team that only went home when every plate was washed. The day was dense, full of experience and learning, feeling and tasting. The participants in the evening tired and satisfied.