Agile Forest - agile practice in the forest

Apply agile methods while working with your team in the special atmosphere of the forest.
Working together in the forest is a special experience with great integrating power. At the same time, it provides the background for the application of various agile practices such as rapid prototyping, Kanban or Scrum. Upfront, you design the agile project as a team, try it out and reflect your choosen methods. Experience and knowledge that can be easily implemented in later practice.

Agile Forest - The challenge for agile methods

Agile Forest - an agile project management challenge

At the "Agile Forest" workshop you can get to know agile project management methods in a completely new context. How does your team approach "forest tasks"? Can you detect typical patterns that are also reflected in professional projects? In addition to learning and experiencing new methodologies, team cohesion is strengthened. Agile methods are quickly explained and simple in theory. However, putting it into practice is always a challenge, especially on a real live forest project. 

As a team, you will set up the project management for the given task together, reflect on it and adapt it again during the workshop. You will be surprised to find out that many of the patterns you observe in the forest are familiar to you from your professional projects.

For this context switch and the new experience that goes with it, we bring your team into the forest. Here the participants get to know agile methods in a playful way in order to understand how they work in practice.

Our forester will explain a customer requirement (e.g. the construction of a high seat) to you. These requirements are geared towards the forest and its current demands. In addition, she enriches the team with her knowledge of the forest. We consume our snack in the unique atmosphere of the forest, satisfied after our work and new experiences. In winter we sit down to reflect and follow up on the event after work is done in a nearby "Wirtshaus".

Get to know the forest and its agile practices from a new perspective!

WHY Agile Forest?

What does the forest have to do with agile methodology?

A forest project is team work. All steps build on each other. Every task is important. Everyone in the team pays full attention to their team and the project. How can the completely unknown tasks be distributed to the team, how can the team coordinate and ensure that it is working on a common product. Will our high seat be stable in the end and who will dare to take the user acceptance test?

Who is the Agile Forest Workshop suitable for?

  • for all teams who want to put their previous agile practice to the test in a completely new environment.
  • for experienced team members who want to take a critical look at their agile practice.
  • for companies that are still undecided whether agile project management methods are the right choice for them. Here you can play through the approach of your choice with a real product

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