„The success of a project stands and falls with good and harmonious cooperation between the project teams. What sounds like a simple truth turns out to be a challenge in the daily jungle of the working world. Unclear values and goals, a lack of self-reflection, egoisms and correspondingly poor communication can put success at risk.“

Katharina Wirtz

Experience Scrum - with Scrum Cooking

Learning bei Cooking made by Scrumkitchen!

Understanding Scrum as a method is one thing - putting Scrum into practice is quite another.Scrumkitchen is unique concept to learn agile methods in a fun and playful way through cooking. The agile theory units are accompanied by hands-on cooking experiences, putting the learned knowledge directly into practice. Thus, the complete Scrum cycle, with all its artefacts and activities, is carried out on the basis of a specific and practical project (cooking). Working together to create something meaningful fills us with great joy and a sense of accomplishment.